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The Importance Of Proofreading - JobAustralia

The Importance Of Proofreading

Imagine you are buying a new television and instead of ‘LCD Television’ the box is labelled ‘LDC Televisoin’. It’s very likely that...
Temporary Versus Permanent Job - AustraliaJob

Temporary Versus Permanent

First of all, nothing is truly permanent in this world. Markets fluctuate, legislation changes, technology evolves. There is no guarantee that the...
Where To Look For jobs - JobAustralia

Where To Look For Jobs

There are dozens of job portals in Australia, but these are the biggest ones: Seek – www.seek.com.auCareerOne – www.careerone.com.auJobSearch...
The Importance Of A Good CV

The Importance Of A Good CV

Getting your resume right is one of the most important steps for any job seeker. You might be the perfect candidate for...
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Your Photo - JobAustralia

Your Photo

Some sources would urge you against including a photo but I personally believe that a photo can make your resume more personal,...
No Funny Email Addresses - JobAustralia

No Funny Email Addresses

A golden rule: please make sure that you don’t use any funny personal email addresses on your resume. If you have a...
Speculative Applications - AustraliaJob

Speculative Applications

Some people are successful in applying for jobs that haven’t even been advertised, but this tends to work best if you know...