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Preparing for Your Job Search

Job Hunting – Where to Start, How to prepare Your Resume & Cover Letter, References, Portfolio and much more.

Cover Letter - JobAustralia

Cover Letter

It is important to create a proper cover letter for every application. This is usually a one-page document that essentially invites the...
Selection Criteria - JobAustralia

Selection Criteria

Every decent position usually comes with a detailed description of duties and so-called selection criteria. The selection criteria are a number of...
CV - Make It Easy To Read - AustraliaJob

CV – Make It Easy To Read

The most fundamental thing about your resume is that it must be easy to read. You only have a few seconds to...
Job in Australia - Where to Start - AustraliaJob

Where To Start

If you came to Australia from overseas, it’s worth being aware that some professions are given different names in different countries –...
The Importance Of Local Experience - JobAustralia

The Importance Of Local Experience

In Australia, local experience is everything. You might have many years of overseas experience behind you, but it doesn’t carry the same...
Job Hunting in Australia - Understanding Where You Fit

First Things First – Understanding where you fit

Before you rush into anything, it’s a great idea to take the time to think about what kind of work you want...
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Your Photo - JobAustralia

Your Photo

Some sources would urge you against including a photo but I personally believe that a photo can make your resume more personal,...
No Funny Email Addresses - JobAustralia

No Funny Email Addresses

A golden rule: please make sure that you don’t use any funny personal email addresses on your resume. If you have a...
Speculative Applications - AustraliaJob

Speculative Applications

Some people are successful in applying for jobs that haven’t even been advertised, but this tends to work best if you know...