Interview – Your First Small Win

Interview – Your First Small Win

After submitting several job applications (often dozens, and maybe even hundreds) you are called for an interview. This is a good sign, meaning you have been shortlisted out of all the possible candidates. Your CV, cover letter and answers to the selection criteria have done their job!

The thing to remember, though, is that you are still competing with a number of other shortlisted candidates. They have all impressed with their applications and stood out for one reason or another, so there is every good reason to prepare well for the next stage – the interview.
What is an interview? The interview is an opportunity for the employer to select the best person for the position out of multiple shortlisted candidates. It is usually conducted by 2-3 people and gives them a chance to meet you face to face and ask further questions.

Usually, interview questions are directly related to the advertised role. Be sure that you fully understand the nature and requirements of the role, and that you are prepared to talk about the various challenges of the job and how you intend to handle them. It’s a good strategy to connect these problems or challenges to broader factors, too, such as changes in legislation, global trends, etc.

This is your chance to show that you’ve done your homework. Spend some time looking through the employer’s website to get a better understanding of what the business is all about, what products or services they offer, and what kind of issues the employer is trying to solve by hiring for this position. Recruiting for someone new is always about solving certain problems. For newly created positions, there may be a new product or service that needs selling, or work to be done that is beyond the capacity of the current staff. Other positions are about filling a gap because a member of staff has resigned.



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