Mind What You Say

Mind What You Say - JobAustralia

Your workplace might seem like the perfect place for socialising but remember that not every colleague is your friend. If you say something negative about another member of staff, and especially about your boss, behind his/her back, it’s likely to get back to that person – and sooner than you think! Nobody likes to hear that someone has been talking about them, and you will quickly feel it coming back to bite you.

A good general rule is to try to take a neutral position about people you don’t get on with, and express your positive opinion when you appreciate the work of others. As we usually like people who like us, being friendly and giving genuine positive feedback about other people’s work can win you many supporters and friends.

Being neutral doesn’t mean you have to allow people to use you or offend you. Proving your point is often required but make sure you do it in the right way.

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