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Every decent position usually comes with a detailed description of duties and so-called selection criteria. The selection criteria are a number of requirements that you need to satisfy in order to qualify for the job; for example, a certain number of years of experience, or evidence of dealing with difficult situations, etc.

In many cases you will be asked to provide detailed answers to these statements/questions. How you reply to these questions often determines your chances of success so spending time on getting them right can pay off greatly. Again, make sure you proofread your answers.

When addressing these questions, you might be tempted to give a general answer that covers all bases, but adding specific, real life examples from your own experience will make your responses more powerful and persuasive.

Where possible, finish the answer to the selection criteria question by summarising the outcome of your actions: for example, you managed to bring 20% of additional revenue to the initial order volume; or by helping to resolve the issue you prevented $100,000 in potential losses; or by handling the complaint in a professional and effective manner you managed not only to save the relationship with the client but also to acquire new orders for an additional $100,000 from this business partner. Numbers can speak for themselves, and your statements will seem more solid and convincing if you back them up with real figures.



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