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First of all, nothing is truly permanent in this world. Markets fluctuate, legislation changes, technology evolves. There is no guarantee that the role you are applying for will exist forever, or at least until you are old enough to retire. If business is down, you are not going to keep the job no matter how good you are.

There is a famous proverb that says there is nothing more permanent than temporary. If your chances of securing a permanent position are slim, don’t be put off applying for a temporary role. This is one direct route towards getting a good permanent job.
If you are looking for your first job in Australia, a temporary role might be your best bet so don’t write if off. These positions become available more often to cover the absence of a permanent member of staff, for maternity leave for example. To bridge the gap, employers usually offer a 9 or 12 month fixed contract.

While this is not a permanent position, there are several advantages for you:

  1. People in Australia tend to change jobs quite often (every 4-5 years) and many shop around for a better position. These candidates usually have plenty of local experience and are therefore more likely to get the job should they apply alongside you. But they are primarily interested in long term positions, rather than filling the gap for just a year. So, by applying for these positions you are avoiding a significant amount of the competition.
  2. The member of staff on maternity leave might decide not to return to the same role. This is quite common, especially when a job involves much travelling or being away from home. This means that although you originally applied for a temporary position, you may well end up staying on, even after your fixed term contract has expired.
  3. You are gaining so much valuable local experience that you can proudly include in your resume to make you a stronger candidate for future applications. There is no need to say that this job was temporary, of course.
  4. A temporary role gives you a foot in the door and a fantastic opportunity to get noticed by the management. Even if there are no opportunities for extension in your current position, if you have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to the company you could well be offered another role within the business.
    Again, even if the position is a bit of a step down for you, don’t write it off, especially if there is potential for growth or if the company has a good reputation on the market. In many cases, people start out in a basic role and then move up to take on more senior positions. It’s like catching a departing train… you run to get on board and you take whatever seat is available. Once you are already on the train, it’s much easier to move around between carriages and find a better place to sit

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