The Importance Of Proofreading

The Importance Of Proofreading - JobAustralia

Imagine you are buying a new television and instead of ‘LCD Television’ the box is labelled ‘LDC Televisoin’. It’s very likely that your feelings about your new purchase will be tainted, and that you will lose confidence in the quality of the product.

The same happens when you submit a poorly written resume, with typos, errors or grammatical mistakes. A potential employer will immediately get the impression that you don’t pay much attention to detail, and that you don’t care about the quality of your work. If you couldn’t do a good job of writing your own resume, why would they trust you to do good work for their company? Immediately, their impression of you has taken a negative turn and your resume is likely to go straight in the bin.

Your new job will most likely bring in several thousand dollars per year, so it’s certainly worth spending $20-30 on proofreading and editing your resume.



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