When To Ask About Salary

When To Ask About Salary - AustraliaJob

Often, a salary range is provided in the job ad, but this is not always the case. Some employers do not reveal the salary level until you are shortlisted.

Unless you are applying for labouring jobs, it’s best not to mention the salary question in the early stages of the application process. This is partly because your potential future employer is not yet familiar enough with your personality, skill set and experience to make a firm decision about how much you should be paid, but it’s also just not very tactful. Yes, most of us work to get paid, but we don’t want to look greedy or imply that we only we care about the money.

There are some exceptions though. Sometimes, your initial interview might be held over Skype; especially if the decision maker is located in another city. If you are subsequently invited to a second or third face to face interview and you need to travel (and cover the costs yourself), you might want to enquire about the salary to make sure that it’s going to be worth your while. Although you are certainly entitled to ask, it’s still important that you do it in a delicate way: first, thank the person for considering you for the role, show your deep interest and enthusiasm, and enquire about the details of the upcoming interview; then, like an afterthought, you can add, ‘By the way, if I’m chosen for this role, what will my remuneration look like?’. When you put it this way, it suggests that you’re interested in the job, first and foremost, and the salary is just a part of the deal.


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